Notecards NEW

by The Wonky Tree

Send a little love through the letterbox, and let people know you are thinking of them! We have just added a lovely range of notecards to our Wonky Tree Shop! 

We have blank ones, thank you cards, just a note to say hello, and more. It's a lovely way to brighten up someones life, especially during these lonely Covid times. 

Cinnamon Aitch have done us proud again, and this collection of mini notecards are just gorgeous! We have quirky Birds, gorgeous floral, and colourful art. What more could you ask for? So get your pen out and your writing head on, and drop someone a line.... Let them know your news, even if it is about the cat, or the garden. 

We have on order some more traditional ones from Museum & Galleries, which come from the V&A collection, for all of those traditionalists out there!  These are super stylish, as you would expect from V&A and a great purchase for that "just in case" event too! 

A friend who emigrated to Australia once said to me that she loved to hear about all of our news over in Blighty, because it meant she felt connected, and otherwise how would she find out about all of those small events. Since we don't meet up that often anymore, and when we do, a lot of those small events have been forgotten, or are not forefront in our minds anymore! 

Another fabulous reason to buy these notecards, is for thank you cards for Birthday Presents from kids parties. Which reminds me, the next thing on my list to add to the shop are some Kids party invites. I have found some fabulously cute ones, which I am sure you are all going to love! 

Anyway, I think you get the picture.... get writing. You can see our range of Mini Notecards here... Notecards

Happy Writing!