Secret Santa?

by The Wonky Tree

We all have that Secret Santa gift to buy don't we? The good news is that we can get away with being a bit on the cheeky side. After all, nobody actually knows who the present is from! 

What better gift for a secret santa gift than a coaster. They are mostly under a fiver, and are reasonably useful if the recipient is a half decent person. Check out our full selection of coasters on our website here... 

The Wonky Tree Coasters 

We have probably gone a bit overboard with them. We have literally millions! Well, quite a lot :)   Of course we have a good selection from Rosie Made a Thing, and a good sampling of the wonderful quirky birds collection, not to mention a few from Gemma Correll . They are great if you want to get really rude and inappropriate!

What a strange word COASTER actually is. It has so many meanings according to the oxford dictionary! 

1. a person or thing that coasts 

2. a small dish, tray, or mat, especially for placing under a glass to protect a table from moisture.

3. a ship engaged in coastwise trade.

4. a sled for coasting 

5. a tray for holding a decanter to be passed around a dining table.

6.  roller coaster 

Who would have known! Well obviously you smart arses out there, but aside from you... it's a revelation! I could go on to tell you about how i think the word moisture is a weird word, but think i'll leave that for another day. 

I digress terribly. My apologies. Back to reality. 

Happy Coasting