Sequin Cards

by The Wonky Tree

Did somebody say sequins? Who doesn't love a sequin! And reversible sequins are all the thing aren't they?  They are on T-shirts and hoodies everywhere, so they must be :) 

These fabulously fun and quirky greetings cards from Redback,  are a card and a gift all rolled into one! So much fun, once the birthday is over you can peel of the patch and attach it to whatever you like! How cool is that? Have a cheeky look at all of the reversible sequin cards that we stock here... Sequin Cards

We think they are great, and of course a great opportunity to collect as many as you can for your school bag! We know that kids just love to collect, and these are so versatile. 

My particular favourite is the "You Rock" one, where headphones are illustrated.  Thats because my lovely husband is a music creator in his spare time (although sadly at the moment he doesn't get much time to tinker with it). He loves music so much that every morning when he sets off to walk the dog, he dons his favourite pair of headphones. He wonders around Pitville Park listening to whatever takes his fancy that day. Hovis, our lovely springer, is perfectly happy to be left to his own devices too! 

Anyway I digress... Sequins were what we were nattering about! And these cards are just soooooo cool!